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Welcome to KoiBay.

My name is Andrei Bukin. I'm professional koi breeder. For the last 20 years ornamental Japanese carp - koi was my passion and my primary occupation. I was involved in all aspects of large scale commercial koi breeding operations in Mag Noy, Israel -world largest koi producer, and last 10 years in leading American koi producing Company. Since 2009 I run my own koi farm in Lewisville, North Carolina, just outside Winston-Salem. We offer a variety of sizes of high quality koi fish and Butterfly Koi in excellent health condition.

Our live koi operations run from March to October. You can buy our koi on ebay under seller name – KoiBay. We offer competitive shipping rates for overnight delivery in USA and free pickup at our facility conveniently located in 30 minutes drive from Greensboro, 1.5 hour from Charlotte. Feel free to give us a call and stop by to look at our swimming jewels and pick your favorite.

We also carry inexpensive floating koi food, some koi related gift Items, and a few other hobby staples.

Our Plush Koi Toys were known for years as a Great gift to koi enthusiasts and an excellent fundraiser for Koi Club Events.

Contact us directly with wholesale inquires.